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Konstantin Salomatin. The End

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Bronnikov family (from left to right) - Marianna, Daria holding Vova on her hands, Filipp, Alexey, Gleb.<br />
Daria: " People come to die here. It is already the end of the world as it is for them. They feel very dark. But you know, after a year they start to change, Even their posture changes. They start to smile, reconstruct the house, get cattle, have new kids.. Have a life, after the end.  They are still ready for it, but they hope it won't come that soon. ..Some say it's better to get rid of the passports, but I can't really do it. We might need to purchase a car, new house..while waiting.. Alexey didn't have passport before (because there is a daemon's number in the code - ''666""), but now he has changed his mind." Nizhny Novgorod region. Diveevo. Russia 2011