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Khvoschi settlement. Diveevo. Nizhy Novgorod region. Russia 2012. Aleksandrovy family - Anatoly, Elena and their daughters Olga (19 y.o) and Marfa (4 y.o). There are 8 children in this family but the eldest live separate, with their own families. .Aleksandrovy are from Siberia, Yeniseysk. But around 10 years ago they sold the house and wandered around the country. On their boat, with the cattle,  they floated on the Yenisey river and Nothern Dvina river. They lived in mud huts, in the wood, but now 2 years ago the came to Diveevo. Now they have given to live in the house in the village near Diveevo. Hiding from the world they are waiting for Apocalypse. .