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The Village. Pluckley, Kent. U.K. 2011. St Nicholas Church, where the Red Lady and White Lady are said to haunt. The Village is one part of a project made up of three experimental photo-series using the last rolls of infrared colour film on the planet.  As well as using the film for what it was originally designed for the project also aims to find other alternative uses for the film and subverting its original intended purposes.  The first series of the project focuses on using infrared films ability to photograph on the higher end of the visual spectrum in an attempt to photograph ghosts in the most haunted village in England. .The village of Pluckley is nearly a thousand years old; the first written record of it is in the Domesday Book (1086). The Guinness Book of World Records (1989) named Pluckley the most haunted village in England and according to legend there are a number of ghosts that haunt the village and surrounding area..