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Palestinians queue at the Taibeh gate. Palestine..Since the buliding of the wall that divides Israel from Palestine, mostly illegal because built on Palestinian territory, a great deal of Israeli occupation strategy seems to be lying in immobilizing Palestinians in their homes throughout barriers, gates, illegal jewish settlements in palestinian territory and flying checkpoints. As a result of this very elaborate strategy, life for palestinians has become more and more difficult and Palestine itself is becoming a puzzle of ghettos which residents find a hard time to leave. Bizantine burocracy in releasing permits, waiting for hours at the checkpoints at impossible hours, being rejected for unknown reasons, makes it very difficult to go to work in the morning, to cultivate lands, to run a business, to go to meet relatives, to go to mosque, to live a normal life. UN and the international humanitarian associations are monitoring the situation and recent studies state that palestinian civil rights are violated on a daily basis, comparing their living standards to the ones of the black people, during apartheid in South Africa.