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Ismail Abdujbbarov, Nigora Abdujabbarova (Abdullaeva), married one month ago, March 18th. Ismail goes to work to Russia – Tyumen in construction as a trowel man. He’s been traveling for 7 years. He is 29 now. He earned the wedding in Russia. He made 25-30 thousands roubles per months and the wedding cost him 150 000 - 200 000 roubles. He received help from his father who is a farmer. There were about 150-200 people at the wedding; they don’t know exactly. His wife’s parents are farmers as well and they helped her with the money. Ismail’s parents found the girl and suggested that he married her and he agreed. Nigora got married after her graduation from high-school. She is 22. Marhamat village, Asht District, Sughd Province, Tajikistan  2014