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Askar Shurmatov - singer. Performs at weddings as well. Weddings are his main source of income. The average fee per wedding is 300$ (in his own city), he charges $600-$700 for performing in other cities. The seasons are very busy (between august and December). He performed in Nefteyugansk and Novosibirsk, Russia. There are Uzbeks and Tajiks at his concerts. He also performed at weddings in Russia in Irkutsk and Krasnoyarsk (his compatriots who are now Russia citizens booked him). His major clients are seasonal labor migrants who earn money for weddings in Russia.  On a foreground is Sevara Bashanova  from dance group Sadbarg.  The girls  from Sadbarg are at 8th and 11th school year. They receive  scholarship from the head of the city for doing dancing. They usually perform at city or regional events and private events.  <br />
Interview with the group leader – Kurbangul Tangirova <br />
The collective is 10 years old. On 26th  they will perform at the wedding in Khujand and get $200. Here in Istiklol people do not usually invite dancers. But this band began receiving invitations. We perform the first hour as a concert and then starts the wedding. They perform in other cities so that people in their home city do not know they dance at weddings. Istiklol village,  Sughd Province, Tajikistan 2014